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"The short review: excellent...Patrick Woodall has an exceptional presence, particularly in soliloquy."
-Ken Jaworowski,


“A practically pitch-perfect production of Red.”
-Norwood Long, 
The Vermont Standard
"...not all actors can disappear into roles and seem like completely different people from play to play, but Woodall can."

"...superb acting by I.N. Sierros as Rothko and Patrick Woodall as Ken...Woodall deftly suggests both the fragility and the strength of a young man, dealing with his own family tragedy, working with someone he admires and fears."
-Nicola Smith,             
"Woodall continues to be impressive in the way his subtle body language and focus tell you as much about his character as the lines do...his Milo ranges convincingly from suspicious and wary to frantic and fearful before regaining a steely focus...The result is exceptional theatre."
-Norwood Long, The Vermont Standard
"Innocence is difficult to convey, but Woodall gives George a shining goodness that speaks well for the actor's future."
- Karl Levett,
" an adroit performance...If [he] can handle material this abstruse and antiquated this adeptly, just imagine what might happen once [he] sinks [his] teeth into meatier matter." 
- Sandy Mcdonald, 
aea - sag/aftra
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